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Magna-Tech Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning

Magna-tech provides ultrasonic cleaning services to optimize the removal of soils from certain parts. Cleaning occurs when high frequency bursts of ultrasonic energy are applied to a heated liquid cleaning solution that surrounds the parts. This energy produces a three-dimensional wave pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure areas within a cleaning tank. The alternating pattern creates bubbles during periods of negative pressure and implodes them during periods of positive pressure in a phenomenon known as “cavitation.” The implosion creates a microjet action that penetrates and cleans areas impossible to reach with brushes, sprays or dips.

Ultrasonic cleaning may be used successfully to remove:

Muncie, IN  |  Lincolnton, NC  |  Sheboygan, WI  |  Glasgow, KY  |  West Mifflin, PA  |  Florence, KY  |  Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada