Stoney Creek, Ontario

Magna-Tech Canada has been a part of the Magna-Tech Manufacturing organization since December of 2001. This facility is located southwest of Toronto in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

Magna-Tech Canada operates Vacuum Impregnation Services, CNC Machining, Alodining for corrosion prevention and surface preparation, and Thermal Deburr production (removal of flash and burrs from metals and some thermoset and thermalplastic components). Standard production turnaround is 48-72 hours from receipt of product. In some cases, parts can be expedited in 24 hours or less.

Contact us for more information about these services and to submit samples for free process evaluation.

Magna-Tech Canada
Phone: (905) 643-2990
921 Barton Street
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada L8E 5P5

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